About Us

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İnci Tekstil Inc. was founded in 1984 as a family company in Beyazıt, Istanbul.
Ramazan İnci and his four sons started their business trading export surplus. After then they expanded and established their own brand RIVSD and started to export to more than 60 countries.

Because of the quality of fabrics, original, colorful non-repetitive designs, and first-class workmanship, the brand in a privileged, RIVSD was ahead of the game The shirts were loved by those who wore them with a fine-details and sports style.

Serving 4 stores in Istanbul Merter and one store in Beyazit, Grand Bazaar, our company sells wholesale shirts to our valuable customers from all around the globe.

We know that our customers come to our stores at the end of long trips. Therefore, we are trying to offer the best in terms of both price and product quality. Because we see our customers as our guests and we love them.

We would like to welcome you to Istanbul, our unique city with thousands of years of history.

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